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What is The Wayfinder Program?

The Wayfinder is an 8 week, cohort-based program for people feeling stuck, stagnant, and professionally restless in their careers. The pilot cohort will run from January 10-March 5, 2022. Participation in the program includes the following:

  • 5 online courses
  • self-reflection activities guided by your digital workbook
  • access to The Quad, our private online community for peer learning and networking
  • 6 live group calls to deep-dive into learning content and connect with other subject matter experts

The Wayfinder helps you sort out what you actually want from your career, create a plan to get there, and move from anxiety to action, all with the help of a supportive community of people navigating the same things you are.

Your Class Schedule

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  • Class 1: Know Yourself

    In this class, you’ll get clear on who you are, what’s truly important to you, what drives you forward, and how your definition of success shapes what you want from your career. 

  • Class 2: Grow Yourself

    In our second class, you’ll gain critical insight into your strengths, your unique professional superpowers, and what types of work lights you up and makes you feel like you’re thriving, not just slogging along until Friday. We'll also talk about mindset: what it is, why it's important, and how to shift it to help you get sh*t done.

  • Class 3: Protect Yourself

    In this class you’ll learn about how and why burnout happens, strategies for managing it today and avoiding it in the future, and how to start detangling your self-worth from your productivity.

  • Class 4: Check Yourself

    In this class you’ll assess whether your professional restlessness is a signal that you need a job change or if it makes sense to leverage your existing professional capital to make your current role work better for you. 

  • Class 5: Direct Yourself

    In the final class, you’ll set goals for yourself, create a plan to make them happen, and develop your Career Credo to help you call back to what’s important to you when you feel yourself getting off-track.


  • Is the program self-paced?

    We provide a suggested cadence that will allow you to complete the program in eight weeks and take full advantage of our live group calls. However, we get that you're a busy human with a full life. By enrolling, you receive lifetime access to all course materials (the online learning modules, digital workbook, The Quad community, and recorded versions of the live calls), so you are welcome to take things at your own pace or revisit classes that you want to dedicate more time to at a later date.

  • How much time should I plan to dedicate to the program each week?

    We hate to be that person quoting old addages, but this one is legit: "You get out of it what you put into it." That being said, this program is built with working adults in mind. On average, putting in 2-4 hours per week will allow you to stay on-track with the suggested cadence. Following the suggested cadence, you'll have 1-2 weeks to complete each Class, depending on the workload. For each Class, you can expect to dedicate the following time: - Online learning content + reading (1-2 hrs) - Self-reflection activities (1-2 hrs) - Live group calls (1 hr) - Engaging with peers on The Quad (1 hr)

  • Is there a way to sign-up for the individual Classes without signing-up for the whole program?

    In short, no, not at this time. We have a few reasons:  1) The program is designed as a lockstep experience, so that each Class builds on the learnings from the previous one. 2) We strongly believe the community/cohort element of the program is part of what makes it so unique.

  • What if I have more questions?

    No problem! You can visit our website or shoot us an email at